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I am a contemporary fine artist practicing in video work and metal sculpture. Having recently graduated with a first class honours degree I am searching for opportunities to exhibit my work, with a mind to forge professional relationships and build a career. I am currently based in London, completing an MA in Fine Art at the Chelsea School of Art.


I have to hate my work to know its good!


As an artist, my practice is dependent on the love-hate relationship I have with my work. I have to hate it to know its good. I started creating performance and video work about 3 years ago. Prior to that I made paintings, but I felt I needed to challenge myself, I needed to do something that made me angry. At the time I was concerned with human’s self-obsession in art so I made work that I would hate, work about myself. Over time I learned how to edit videos and I fell in love with video art, I realised that even if I disliked the subject matter, I created interesting work which sparked thought and conversation.


I have dabbled in a number of subject matters but recently have been exploring cultural caricatures as a medium to explore hypocritical, ironic human behaviour. My current practice is exploring the idea of Law and what is lawful in our society. It looks at the characters involved in the idea of law, the law breaker and the law maker. It fascinates me as it exemplifies our desire to control aspects of the world we normally can’t. I use satire and bizarre scenarios to illustrate these ideas and most importantly, have fun while I do it. Recently I have been using my voice to illustrate ideas in videos and have found success in collaborating with other artists who use voice in their work. My intention is to further explore the idea of law through video, voice and caricature.


 My sculptural practice is concerned with another passion of mine, nature and mythology. Each sculpture is hand bend and broken by me. I want to take something that was originally a rock in the ground and give it a more organic life again. I take sheet metal and bend it into natural shapes, giving it life where previously disconnected to the organic world. I want to reference classical sculpture when I make my work, I do this by naming them after old world mythology. Ixion’s wheel, Abzu and Tiamat, the list goes on. This part of my practice is less academic but I love doing it because it’s a very physically engaged part of my practice, I can get hands on and create some strong large scale pieces with personality.


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